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Are you familiar with VJ’ing? No, not the MTV VJ, but the NIGHT CLUB VJ.

(Jon Corun) takes an innovative approach to club lighting by creating live audio-responsive videos throughout the club/ballroom, which fully immerses the audience in the music.

The goal of the VJ is to set the visual ambience of the party. When you go to a restaurant with a beautiful decor, often the food tastes better. This is also true with music. With fancy optical impulses, the musical experience is enhanced.
About AV CLUBVJ Jon Corun of AV CLUB Baltimore Washington DC

The unique performance style sets AV CLUB apart from other VJ's. You’ll be taken on a visual journey throughout the evening, without ever seeing the same material twice.

Often times, VJ’s stick to strictly abstract techie visuals. This VJ goes beyond that skill-set and uses a mixture of abstract visuals and primarily movie/ television/ music video compilations to tell a unique story. In a sense, a live music video is being performed specifically for the audience attending the event.